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Our Unique Integrated Design...
Quality and Safety from the ground up:

If safety is important to you, or your organization, you will find no better system on the market than Elecompack. Designed to withstand the ever present seismic activity around the Pacific Rim, our products have more built in safety measures than any other system on the market.   


When we set out to design the world's best mobile system, we used the concept that a building is only as stable as it's foundation; so we started at the bottom and worked our way up.

All Elecompack rails are flush with the floor. Whether you are recessing in concrete, or building a new floor, all our installations provide a complete flush finish, free of gaps and tripping hazards. Each of the three diagrams above shows a different method for fixing our rails to your flooring. All provide the same result--a system free from hazards.


Once rails are installed, the next components in the Elecompack system are the carriages themselves. All our carriages feature five inch wheels, connected by solid steel drive shafts. Additionally, all wheels are driven which allows for easier movement, while eliminating "racking" or swaying, especially across long rows of shelving.

Elecompack shelving uprights are then precision recessed five inches down into our carriages and securely bolted. This method of joining shelving and carriage assures the ultimate in structural integrity and safety. Most other suppliers simply mount either four-post standard shelving, or single-post cantilever shelving on top of their carriages and attach it with sheet metal or "tec" screws and "L" brackets. (see the photo at right.)


All our competitors on the market today manufacture carriages onto which they attach static shelving. The only problem is that static shelving wasn't designed for such a purpose and is inherently unstable when in motion.

Our engineers solved the problem by designing a unique shelving system specifically for use in mobile applications.  The Elecompack system utilizes a four-post "reverse cantilever" design that provides superior structural integrity and strength. We also offer the ability to recess mount traditional center post cantilever shelving.

Shelves are independently adjustable on both faces. Simply lift and remove the shelf, adjust the brackets up/down and replace the shelf. The entire operation may be accomplished in less than 10 seconds...without the use of tools. 

As the photo shows, standard shelves can be mounted at whatever height is required, independent of the opposite shelving. The only way to accomplish this with standard four post shelving is to increase the cost and the weight load of the system by tyng together single face units in a back to back configuration. 

Top of the Line:

Finally, Elecompack engineers designed a superior anti-tip system that positively eliminates any chance of your shelving tipping over...regardless of any mis-use or abuse the shelving may be subjected to, such as unbalanced loading or perhaps someone using a bottom shelf as a stool or ladder to reach an upper shelf.

Our overhead anti-tip system consists of roller brackets bolted to structural welded channels at the top of our uprights. The seismic pipe is then inserted through the roller brackets and securely anchored to either a stationary shelving unit on the end of a module or wall. This overhead Anti-tip method is the only design which provides absolute safety and even protects against intentional abuse.

Remember, our products were specifically designed to meet the tough seismic requirements of Japanese engineers. These exclusive Elecompack features eliminate swaying, racking, and potential tipping hazards associated with other products.


What do all these measure mean to you? Click here to find out. 

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