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Selecting A Mobile System Vendor

If you're like many potential customers for mobile shelving, you may be familiar with the mobile shelving concept, but unsure what differentiates manufacturers from one another. At last count, there were more than a dozen suppliers of mobile shelving in the United States. How do you know which product to buy? Simply purchasing "low bid" is one possibility. Choosing a familiar name is another possibility. A more prudent method for selecting the best overall value might be to ask the following questions of all potential suppliers:

  • Is the shelving you intend to use engineered for mobile installations?
    (Only Elecompack manufactures shelving which was specifically designed for the rigors of mobile systems. Our reverse cantilever design assures shelving will remain stable and safe.)
  • How is the shelving attached to the carriage? Can you supply engineering data or documentation indicating that the method you propose is safe? (It's a good idea to visit an installation and see this attachment first hand. Ask them to lift up a bottom shelf and show you.)
    (Most manufacturers use common L-brackets and "tec" screws to fix shelving to the carriage, but Elecompack's integrated design sets uprights five inches down into the carriage, providing the ultimate strength.)  
  • How many grades or models do you offer? Are you proposing your "top of the line" and safest model for us? If not, why not?
    (Unlike some manufacturers who sell a wide variety of mobile specs under the same name, all Elecompack systems use the same high quality components and design features. Every one of our systems is guaranteed.) 
  • Will your system have a continuous solid shaft that drives all wheels permitting the rear of the range to move simultaneously with the front? If not, why not?
    (One of Elecompack's features that is often overlooked is that all wheels in the system are "driven." Many manufacturers sell products in which drive one, or a set of wheels, while all others track with the system. Like the concept behind four wheel drive in cars, Elecompack's drive system assures our carriages roll smoother with less racking, especially when longer ranges are used.)
  • What is the gauge (thickness) of the shelves you intend to supply? (18 gauge is the cautious choice for folders and books and until a few years ago it was the only gauge offered. Unfortunately, some suppliers have recently been supplying a thinner 20 or 22 gauge shelf in their efforts to be low bid. These thinner shelves may begin to deflect once loaded.
    (Lighter shelves may save a little money, but in the long run, they are more like to fail, especially if your needs change and the system in converted to other possible uses that require a stronger support.)
  • Are the shelves you propose independently adjustable? Can a shelf on one side of the range have a different vertical position than a shelf on the opposite side of the range?
    (Almost all double face shelving utilizes a single shelf which services both sides of the unit. Because of this, your flexibility is limited. Elecompack's reverse cantilever shelving can be adjusted independently allowing you to design the system to suit your needs.)
  • Are the shelves easily adjustable without the use of tools or mallets? (The astute buyer will insist upon visiting an installation and personally verifying all claims made regarding the ease of shelf adjustment.)
    (Most systems on the market use shelf supports that must be hammered in place with a rubber mallet into a "key lock" system. Elecompack's shelving can be lifted off and moved without the need for tools in a matter of seconds.)
  • Does your system, (both mechanical assist and electrical) have an automatic passive safety device that will prevent any system movement when any aisle is occupied by a person or inanimate object?
    (Elecompack uses the best passive  safety devices on the market today. The possibility of injury to persons or damage to materials is reduced to nothing.)
  • Does your system include a security/surveillance system that constantly monitors all aisles simultaneously and provides an historical visual record of all activity?
    (Elecompack's ESS 2002 system allows constant monitoring of all aisle in the system, an increasing requirement in today's security environment.)

  • Do You Offer a 10 Year Warranty? If not, why not?
    (Elecompack is the only manufacturer to offer a full ten year warranty on all components used in our systems, a guarantee that ensures you will have peace of mind regarding your investment for a long time to come.)


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