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There are basically two types of mobile systems on the market today, mechanical and electric. The only real difference between the two is the method by which the carriages are set in motion. All manufacturers are limited to the same basic systems.


Although both systems operate on the same principle, a mechanical system is one in which the user provides the power to drive the carriages via side mounted rotating handles. Across the industry, these handles have slightly different designs, but they all do the same job: through a system of gears, they transfer physical effort into movement of the carriages.

Mechanical systems are the most cost effective as they perform their duties without the aid of additional electrical motors. They work very well in all but the most demanding environments. For a more complete description of our mechanical systems, please click here.



Electrical systems require just that, electricity, to power the motors that drive the carriages. Through a simple push of a button, massive amounts of weight can be set in motion. Computer based security system can be integrated with the drive system to provide totally automated detection, safety, and security  features.

Although a little more expensive than mechanical systems, electrical systems provide the utmost in convenience, performance, and safety for discerning users.  Please click here to learn more about these systems.     


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